An everything-but-the-kitchen-sink egg casserole

I wanted to be a good wife, so to speak, this weekend.  As mentioned before, my other half lives an hour away, and comes home on the weekends.  It sucks, but I only have another 6 1/2 months to go, … Continue reading

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Diwali dinners

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks either sleeping, or cooking. It started with this cold that put me in bed for almost 4 days. A cold! It was a bad one. And even after the cold was over I napped … Continue reading

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Salmonella risk increases in eggs from battery-raised hens

Please, if you can, please, buy free-run or free-range eggs.  If not out of compassion, for the sake of the poor chickens themselves, then do it for your health.  As one smart kid said “we can either pay the farmer, … Continue reading

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Yogourt making misadventures

I’ve only ever made fresh cheeses, but I find it very, very satisfying to do so. I find working with milk very satisfying generally speaking. I feel like I am a woman of the old world/old country.  I feel like … Continue reading

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Creamy mushroom penne with a side of Whine

(I apologize in advance about the whinging!) My husband is going to school in a town far enough away and studying a program intense enough that it is worth it for him to live in the same town as his … Continue reading

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Does Canada have food culture?

My Korean housemate recently commented that Canada has no food culture, and my mother piped up and agreed. I can understand why so many immigrants and those from “away” (yes, I’m a Maritimer) believe this, but I disagreed with them.  … Continue reading

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Zucchini revisited

I made a zucchini crusted pizza recently, and so had left-over shredded zucchini sitting in my fridge.  Tonight I was making a tomato pasta sauce for dinner, and threw in the leftover shredded zucchini just for the sake of using it up (waste not want not!  I’ve come to learn that cooking with this philosophy is a great way to stumble upon original new recipes you may love).

I have since discovered that shredded zucchini in pasta sauce is divine.  Wow.  It gives the sauce a rich, meaty body.  I’ve only ever chopped it into my sauce when I had it on had, and would never run out to get a zucchini just because I was making a tomato pasta sauce…but from now on I just might.

Zucchini, you be growing on me.

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