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Indian rice pudding (Khir)

Again I disappeared.  It’s been a busy few months.  This is for 2 reasons.  First of all- I can call myself a freelance writer now, because since my last post I’ve been published in a magazine, and also have a … Continue reading

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Just eat it!

Not technically a food post… but the video does list some delicious (and “ethnic”) food. I wonder how much of it Harper has tried? And it just occurred to me- I think of myself as Canadian first…but am I one … Continue reading

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Stylish blogger? Moi?

A good friend and fellow-blogger recently awarded me the Stylish Blogger award: A very generous award, me thinks, given my entire lack of style whatsoever. I think in order to have bragging rights, I must go through with the responsibilities … Continue reading

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Kale and cous-cous salad

I know. The last thing you are supposed to do when trying to gain readership for your blog is to Not. Blog. For way too long. Sorry. It’s been a strange few months. I can’t remember the last time I … Continue reading

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Spinach “Alfredo” Pizza

A good university friend (now cousin-in-law) and I used to make this frequently in our undergrad days. She was home over the holidays, and so we decided to indulge our taste-buds, and revisit the good old days (when it was … Continue reading

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Salted Tomato’s guidelines for (the best ever!) tomato sauce

I haven’t bought canned or bottled pasta sauce in years. Wait, that’s a lie. I am my mother’s daughter, and I buy anything on sale that is useful in my kitchen. Tomatoes are such a staple for making curries and … Continue reading

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Paneer Paranthas (Cheese stuffed flat-bread)

This week I went to a good friend’s house to cook an Indian feast with him and his family. His son in particular wanted to learn now to make stuffed paranthas. Because my friend is currently on a low carb … Continue reading

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