An everything-but-the-kitchen-sink egg casserole

I wanted to be a good wife, so to speak, this weekend.  As mentioned before, my other half lives an hour away, and comes home on the weekends.  It sucks, but I only have another 6 1/2 months to go, including a 3 week Christmas vacation and a 1 week spring break.  So it’s really not that bad.  He  lives with a married couple that feed him and his 2 roommates breakfast and dinner (very good, very satisfying and healthy breakfast and dinners, from what I understand), and for lunch he fends for himself.  Because peanut butter is his comfort food…that is usually what he has.  2 bagels with peanut butter spread on them.  I don’t understand how he doesn’t get sick of this.  This weekend I was in the mood to cook lots of food, and decided I would send him back with at least 2 lunches he could eat during the week.  I had a pre-made pie shell sitting in the freezer accumulating freezer burn, and decided I absolutely had to use it up.  I had just bought a carton of free run eggs from the local grocery store, and also had some cheese in the freezer that needed to be used up (especially since I wanted to fill that freezer space with new blocks of cheese that were now on sale).  I decided to make a quiche.  But I hate turning on the oven for just a small amount of food, and tried to think of something else that could be baked along with the quiche.  I really wanted to try Frazzled Foodie’s recipe for a miserly breakfast, and so I did just that (with some modifications as I seem to be pathologically incapable of following a recipe, and also because I was too lazy to go upstairs and turn my laptop on to go find the exact recipe).  It was great.  I took some over to my aunt’s for our afternoon tea, and she immediately proclaimed that she absolutely wanted to make more of this *now* and so I made it again for the second time that day.  It was different, but still awesome.  This recipe is so versatile- like a quiche, but I think it is much tastier and probably lower in fat (unless you make your own low-fat quiche crust, I guess).

Ingredients (serves 4-6)

*6 slices whole wheat bread, cubed- crusts and all (next time I would use maybe 4 or 5 slices instead)
*About 2-3 cups diced vegetables (I used green pepper, onion, and celery the first time, and when I made it with my aunt I used shredded carrot, peppers, garlic and leftover cooked curried cabbage)
*4 eggs
*About 1 cup milk
*About 1/2 cup cheese -any kind- sliced, cubed, or shredded (I used about 1/4 cup with my aunt as she and my uncle are not as keen on cheese, and it was still great)
*Herbs and seasoning, to taste (the first time I used thyme and sage, and the second time the curried cabbage was so flavourful the dish didn’t need any additional seasoning)
*1-2 tbsp cooking oil
*salt to taste

Saute the vegetables in the oil over medium heat until cooked and soft- add salt and seasonings to taste.  Put the cubed bread in a greased 8″x8″ casserole dish, and top with the sliced/cubed/shredded cheese.  Spread the cooked vegetables on top of the cheese.  Beat eggs with milk, and then pour over the bread/cheese/vegetables.  Let sit for 1/2 hour, or ideally overnight according to Frazzled Foodie (mine sat for only half an hour, since I had only decided an hour earlier that I wanted to make this).  Bake uncovered at 375’C for about half an hour, or until the eggs bubble and puff up, and the bottom of the casserole is browned (this should be easy to detect if you use a glass dish).  Let cool slightly.  Eat!  This dish is very soft and tasty.   It covers all your food groups.  You dirty very little dishes.  And it’s fairly economical- both in terms of money and time.

So for one lunch this week my husband has a hefty slice of curried potato and green bean quiche, and for the second lunch a big square of this soft, delicious egg casserole.  Man, I wish I had a wife as awesome as me.  But my dish-washing husband makes an equally good substitute (and he never complains if I dirty up every pot in the kitchen, although he is baffled by how I sometimes use up every spoon in our utensil drawer.  He doesn’t understand my need to frequently taste test while cooking).

The next time I host a brunch party- my favourite kind of party- I will be cooking this.

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6 Responses to An everything-but-the-kitchen-sink egg casserole

  1. I love it! I am so glad you were able to adapt this recipe and make it your own. Thanks for pinging me back so I could see it. I just made one this weekend – significantly less healthy, as it used bacon, extra sharp cheddar, mushrooms, onions, and leftover white rolls as the base. Man, was it tasty, though!

  2. Apparently bacon is the one food that regularly gets vegetarians to fall-off-the-wagon. I don’t claim to be a vegetarian, as I explain in my first post, but I’ve never tasted bacon in my life and man it’s hard to maintain my ground when I smell it cooking!

    I think the next time I have leftover sub rolls or burger buns sitting in my freezer (as happens at the end of most summers!) I will make this to use them up. So good!

    Thanks for sharing it.

  3. IfByYes says:

    I think I liked your old blog lay out better.

    Have I ever fed you Impossible Pie? It’s like a quiche, but without a crust of any kind…

  4. No, but you’ve told me about it- and it sounds good. I normally love pie crusts, but for some reason in quiche it’s my least favourite thing. Will have to find a recipe and make it sometime- or pass along yours!

    Thanks for the input about the layout. I’m still trying to figure out what works, and it’s good to hear what the peoples think, ya know.

  5. IfByYes says:

    I think they sometimes put the recipe for it, or at least a variation of it, on the side of Bisquick boxes, come to think of it…

  6. mealsbysheri says:

    I have a recipe “brunch for a bunch” I have used often that uses the frozen hashbrown patties (retangle shaped ones) in the bottom of the pan, meat, veggies, cheese, eggs poured over the top…it’s always an amazing hit. This recipe reminds me much of a stratta recipe I wrote down a while ago, with asparagus, milk, eggs, cheese etc….I’ve always wanted to try one with the cubbed bread….a great way to use up the getting-stale bread, so easy as one usually has the ingredients around! You are an amazing wifey!! I’m sure the hubby was happy to have his homemade lunches to take with him!

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