Zucchini revisited

I made a zucchini crusted pizza recently, and so had left-over shredded zucchini sitting in my fridge.  Tonight I was making a tomato pasta sauce for dinner, and threw in the leftover shredded zucchini just for the sake of using it up (waste not want not!  I’ve come to learn that cooking with this philosophy is a great way to stumble upon original new recipes you may love).

I have since discovered that shredded zucchini in pasta sauce is divine.  Wow.  It gives the sauce a rich, meaty body.  I’ve only ever chopped it into my sauce when I had it on had, and would never run out to get a zucchini just because I was making a tomato pasta sauce…but from now on I just might.

Zucchini, you be growing on me.

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4 Responses to Zucchini revisited

  1. IfByYes says:

    The only way I have ever liked zucchini is deep fried, and that’s largely because it didn’t taste like zucchini. Then again, it’s partially a texture thing, so maybe I wouldn’t mind it in a sauce?

    • I hear ya. The texture has grown on me in recent years, but I think that’s why it’s good shredded in a sauce instead of chopped- it kinda melts away into a nice thickness, instead of weirdly textured chunks. For some reason I really like it in ratatouille- texture and all.

  2. JK says:

    I just fell in love with zucchini. I made a wonderful potato and zucchini soup. My mom said, “I never knew it could taste so good.” She refuses to buy produce that she doesn’t know what to do with, and so it was her first taste of the squash (I think it a squash, right?).

    Also, I made a very rich, chocolate zucchini cake. I ate half of it in one day…… :p

    Next time I make pasta, I will add zucchini. 🙂

    • Ooh- please share this zucchini potato soup recipe! I need lots of help when it comes to zucchini- it’s definitely not my favourite.

      I’m also glad you are reading now. You ought to food blog as well- or tell funny immigrant stories. Or both! 😛

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